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jessie haynes

Our Artistic Director, JessieMarie Haynes, is originally from Long Island, NY, where her passion for music was born. As a teen, Jessie would often save her allowance for trips into Manhattan to catch the latest Broadway musical. At 16, Jessie toured Europe with the Sound of America Honor Choir and Band, serenading audiences from Austria to Italy.  After studying music & theatre at Hofstra & Winthrop Universities, Jessie immersed herself in the professional music scene. From performing a’cappella to musical theatre, to classical flute, and directing, Jessie has truly done it all. Her passion for music translates to the classroom, where she is a proud public school music teacher. There, she founded and serves as the Drama Club director. Her creative methods of directing mixed with her raspy, sultry-rock vocals make her one-of-a kind.

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